Friday, July 21, 2017

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Fix Sky TV & Digibox Problems

Every display message indicates a specific problem, which can be fixed with some simple instructions in our Help Section.

Our Sky TV self-help guides will provide useful tips for troubleshooting Sky Digital reception problems, including fault finding and diagnosing a faulty Sky Box, misaligned satellite dish or LNB fault. There's also advice on Sky+ recording problems, causes of Sky TV picture break up (or picture freezing) and common faults which result in a "no satellite signal is being received Error 25 or 29" on-screen message.

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1 Sky Single Feed Mode
2 Box System Details
3 Sky Box Software Update - Guide
4 Sky Full System Reset Procedure
5 Sky Astra Scan / Channel Scan
6 "Call 08702 404020 to upgradeā€¦"
7 Change picture settings
8 "No satellite signal being received"
9 Adjust sound synchronisation
10 Dolby Digital Audio
11 Auto-Stand-By off / on
12 Program your Sky Remote
13 "This is the wrong card for this set top box"
14 "Problem with the Viewing Card"
15 Sky Manual Tuning
16 "This display does not support HDCP"
17 "There is a technical fault with this channel"
18 "Recording/Live Pause is not available ..."
19 Sky System fault
20 "Part-failed recording - unknown technical fault"
21 "This Sky viewing card is not authorised. Call your broadcaster..."
22 "Card not authorised"

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